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About Me

I was born and raised in France and started to live abroad at the age of 21. After working in the hotel industry, I stopped my career to raise my 3 children. In 2013, I moved to the Bay Area with my family and was quickly interested in teaching children the practice of Mindfulness.


I had been practicing mindfulness for several years, and the benefits I had gained from it gave me the desire to share it with children.


I received a training certification through Mindful Schools, based in the East Bay; and started teaching in schools in 2014. As of today, I have taught over 2000 students in the Mill Valley School district.


Helping children understand themselves as human beings and how to navigate their thoughts, emotions and life events, is the foundation of their well-being. Teaching them is also extremely nurturing, it helps me stay connected with the child within and makes me profoundly happy.


In 2015, I was introduced to the Emotional Health Institute , based in San Francisco,  an Emotional Resolution program also called EmRes. EmRes focuses on the understanding of how emotions are created in the brain and how we can resolve them permanently when we observe the physical sensations we feel in our body in a specific way. 

While my mindfulness practice was connecting me to the present moment and was bringing a sense of belonging to the world around me, I continued to encounter recurrent emotional difficulties.

This program enabled me to free myself from the negative hold of these emotions, not through intellectual inquiry, but by paying attention to the physiological response in my body.


I obtained my certification in 2016 and started helping adults, adolescents and children resolve their difficult emotions. The results are mind-blowing.

Everyone experiences difficulties in their life which prevents them from living freely. My goal is to expand this work and train others to become autonomous in resolving their own emotional difficulties.

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