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"Meeting Lisa has been a wonderful and life changing experience for me. I was referred to by a friend because I expressed my concerns with "talk therapy" and how I've never felt like I improved from it, personally. After learning about Emotional Resolution, I realized this is exactly what I needed to better myself, and Lisa has been more kind and helpful than I imagined. I've learned ways to handle my emotions for the long-term even after my first meeting with her. I recommend her to almost everyone I know!"

Amber, 18

"I started the sessions with Lisa because I was struggling with anxiety during a period of exams in which I was under high pressure. I was having panic attacks and I wasn’t sleeping. 

After just my first session I already felt more at ease and after a few sessions I was able to calm the anxiety. I am less anxious, it is all thanks to what I learnt in my sessions. I’m so grateful for all of her help"


"When I sat down with Lisa and walked through an experience that I had with my husband, it was life-changing. My husband used to come home from work and sit on the couch and read his email and the news on his phone. It used to really trigger me and I would get extremely angry. Since we went through the experience and did a session, things have completely changed.  My husband doesn’t get on his phone anymore and when he does get on his phone later in the evening, it doesn’t even bother me.

I’m so grateful for Lisa and her passion to help people. It has really helped me, as I learn more about emotional resolutions and working through things, my life seems much happier. Thanks, Lisa!"


"I came to Lisa for help in dealing with stress onslaughts that I had been experiencing for some time in specific times and situations, such as early morning anxiety when considering the day ahead, which made me feel physically sick. I knew these were largely related to strong pressure from work and the feeling of being overwhelmed by tasks and responsibilities, but I had been unable to prevent them from happening by reasoning myself. 

I had heard about the Emotional Resolutions program and the approach of working through our body reactions really made sense to me, as the effects of the stress were physical. Lisa walked me through the protocol and spent time answering my questions and making sure I understood the methodology, which was very reassuring.  The protocol in itself is rather simple and the whole session passed by quickly. In the end, I didn’t know whether it had made a difference and I had to wait until I found myself in the same situation. For the next few days, I was very pleased to see that the morning anxiety was gone. The thoughts were still there and pretty much the same but the discomfort, the pains were gone. It’s as if the thoughts had lost their power to make me suffer. This was a real relief to me as it made me feel lighter and less apprehensive about my days. Lisa said that this issue was resolved and told me to pay attention to any other sources of stress and anxiety that might arise. These emotions can have different layers and may require more sessions."


"Lisa helped me directly manage and completely release a life stressor which was coming up over and over again for me. She addressed my emotional reaction to that stressor by focusing on my body’s reaction to it, rather than intellectualizing it, and allowed me to "let go" of the stressor for good without having to re-hash the actual trauma that was triggering the negative emotion. Once I experienced how Lisa practiced this Emotional Resolutions process on me, I realized how powerful this modality can be for my own well-being.”


"Lisa is the best! I had never heard of the Emotional Resolutions process before but was more than willing to try after meeting Lisa and connecting with her warmth and kindness. We have had a handful of sessions and I was blown away by the immediate results. I highly recommend Lisa and her sessions to anyone interested in working through difficult or challenging emotions, which we all have!"


"I was introduced to Lisa Spendov through a friend. I had never heard of this Emotional Resolutions program but when it was explained to me it made a lot of sense.  Lisa made me so much more aware of my body's reaction to stress, feelings I had always taken as something I should try to suppress. My chest tightened when I was stressed, and I thought that was a sign I had no control, not a sign that my body was showing what I could control. Lisa was patient, kind, and understanding; answered all of my questions and kept gently pushing me to articulate what I was really feeling. With Lisa's careful guidance I have become more mindful of how my body reacts to stress and learned how to regulate those physical feelings so that I remain in control and more even-tempered.  From my very first session, I noticed a real difference and had the tools necessary to make progress at home alone."


"I was introduced to Lisa through a friend in the US and, because I live in Europe, we arranged a  session via Facetime to help me overcome my phobia of pigeons. Lisa has a warm, calm manner which is immediately reassuring and I felt at ease with her right away.  I hadn't heard of this Emotional Resolutions program before and found it fascinating. With gentle prompting from Lisa I was able to relive the feelings of panic and fear associated with pigeons and to identify the physical sensations that accompanied those emotions.  I found that it provided quite some relief from the anxiety I usually experience when faced with pigeons. I haven't yet been able to follow up with Lisa on our initial session but I look forward to doing so shortly as I'm certain that, together, we will conquer the fear entirely.  I strongly believe that Lisa's professional and patient approach, combined with her gentle manner would appeal to anyone who is looking to overcome their anxieties."


"I had two sessions of emotional resolution with Lisa. I was stuck in a very old pattern that I could see, but had no clue how to release. Lisa guided me through the process. It’s hard to explain but it feels miraculous how it just vanished. It’s out of my life; there is a big sense of freedom! Merci Lisa :)"

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