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What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is paying attention, in a special way, to every aspect of our experience.

Paying attention to our external senses, (listening, smelling, seeing, tasting..) teaches us to be in the present moment and builds/strengthens our focus and attention. It gives us a sense of peace and presence in the world.


Observing our internal senses (our thoughts, emotions, physical sensations) builds an intimacy with our inner world. We become more familiar with it and we start to understand our own functioning.

This work of introspection helps us notice what goes on inside and what makes us react to outside stimulation. If we learn to listen and pay attention at a sensory level, it will help us respond rather than react to triggering situations.


Mindfulness fosters kindness, compassion, generosity and gratitude within ourselves and others. Practicing mindfulness, opens our hearts, and builds a sense of self-worth and connection to our inner and outer world.  

These practices help us see the beauty of life in each moment.


As Richie Davidson, an eminent neuroscientist says:

“Human beings are born with innate goodness. When we engage in practices like kindness and compassion, we are nurturing seeds that are already present in us. We are becoming familiar with the fundamental functioning of our mind."

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